Building Your Financial Literacy to Help You Make Better Decisions for You, Your Family & Your Future

Everything you need to grow your financial literacy to make better, more confident, financial decisions for you and your family.

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Workshop Bundles

Get all 6 workshops in a series, for the price of 5!

Economic Workshops

From What is a Recession? to Understanding GDP, and everything in between. Learn how the economy works, why we have economic cycles, and determine where we are in the current economic environment to be more confident in your financial decisions.

Investing Workshops

From the basics of Stock & Bonds to choosing the right accounts, how the stock market works and the importance of diversification, in 6 hour-long workshops you'll be ready to say goodbye to your Financial Advisor and hello to making confident investment decisions for yourself!

"I really enjoyed this! I wasn't able to attend live so I watched the replay (thank you for this option as well). I really liked how you discussed the history of retirement accounts. I didn't know that most of these have been around less than 50 years! I think the information presented was easy to read/understand and your speaking voice is pleasant. I look forward to attending the other sessions. Thank you for taking the time to do this!"

- Nichole, Investing Workshop Participant

"I really learned a lot from your presentation. Thank you! I am new to all of this and only signed up for one session, I wish I would have signed up for the entire series. I don't want to miss any of them! Thank you for all you do to give us knowledge and improve our ability to navigate through the economic ups and downs."

- Julie, Economics Workshop Participant