Economics of the Labor Market

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Learn to Understand the Economy
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If you've always wanted to better understand all the financial news headlines, but were hesitant because you aren't really sure what so many of the terms mean...

Or you want to know how proposed economic policies could actually impact your family, but get frustrated with he said/she said debate of politicians over all of it...

If you've ever wondered, "Is this a good time to... change jobs? ... invest more? ... increase my savings? ... buy a house? ... take more or less risk?

LIVE Economic Workshops Build Knowledge...
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Family Finance Mom Workshops are designed to build your economic and financial knowledge to empower you with the confidence to take charge of your family's finances and investments. Instead of wondering what the best financial decisions are for your family in the current economic environment, you will be empowered with the knowledge and understanding of how the economy works, and where we are in the current economic cycle. Never again will you be forced to rely on politically motivated assessments of economic policy - you'll be informed as to how the free market economy actually works, and how proposals actually ripple through it to evaluate them for yourself.

Each one hour session includes prepared remarks, full of data, history, resources, and ends with Q&A from all of you. Download the presentation prior to our workshop to take notes, and jot down your questions.

Can't join LIVE? Don't worry. Leave your questions in the course comments, and everyone will get access to the replay of the workshop, including the Q&A session. Replay video will be posted here as soon as video is captioned.

The Labor Market Topics

  • What is the labor market?
    • Demand for Labor
    • Supply of Labor
    • Labor Market Equilibrium
  • Wages
    • Productivity
    • Skills
  • Income Inequality
    • 3 Income redistribution perspectives
    • Policies that Target Poverty

Meet Meghan | Family Finance Mom

Meghan | Family Finance Mom
Meghan | Family Finance Mom

Hi y'all! My name is Meghan Rabuse...

I spent my whole childhood watching the adults in my life work incredibly hard - but constantly struggle with money.

It wasn't until my passion for math led me to a degree in Finance and Economics, followed by a career I loved as a financial analyst, that I learned it doesn't have to be that way.

When I left my career to be a SAHM to three kids of my own, I quickly recognized how many families still lived just like mine did growing up... and that I could use my passion, education, and experience to help.

We used it to get out of $60,000 in student loans EACH, and pay off our mortgage to become completely debt free! Then, I used all I learned as a hedge fund analyst investing for the wealthy and endowments to build our family's portfolio and set us up for financial freedom.

Now, I share it all with you: all I've learned over my education and career in Finance AND as a mom of 3 kids in a now totally debt-free household with a solid investment portfolio... and show you how with financial knowledge comes confidence and the ability to make better, more informed decisions for you, your family and your financial future.

... and the best part?

You can check it out for FREE if you choose...

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The LIVE workshop will be facilitated via Zoom. Workshops will be recorded. Replay videos will be posted right here on Teachable.
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Can't join for the LIVE session? Don't worry. Replays will be available to everyone and uploaded right here on Teachable in their entirety, along with the presentation materials and any additional resources shared.

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